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Testimony of Sister Helen O.
During this year's fasting & prayer programme, God's servant asked us to carry out a prophetic act which would connect us to divine financial favours. He asked us to transfer money from our account to his. I followed his instructions and did mine and during that period I was spending alot of money on my mom's medical bills for she was sick. Not long after, a boss of mine came to my house for he was trying to reach me on phone which he couldn't and said he wanted to bless me with some money which he did and the money was in six digits.

Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Pst. Rex
A word of prophecy came the Sunday before Christmas concerning those that will be travelling to Lagos, that there will be accidents on the road but God will protect us. Truly there were several fatal accidents on the road but God took me safely and brought me back safely.

Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis. Oge C.
Sometime in 2019 after one of our Sunday service, I and my husband went to meet God's servant to greet him and express how blessed we are via his message that Sunday. After greeting him and about leaving he called my attention back that in the realm of the Spirit he saw me pregnant. I told him am not and he said that there is a baby boy in my womb that is a few days old. I and my husband smiled and we left. To my greatest surprise when it was time for my monthtly flow it didn't show up and that was how after 9 months I delivered a bouncing baby boy.

Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Pst. Joseph G.
I want to return all the glory to God for sustaining my job. I work with Shell in 2019 and the company decided to downsize workers and in my unit we are 197 staff working and gradually they began to drop workers until they drop to about 16. Am so grateful to God that I still have my job today because of the God of this commission and our pastor's prayer.

Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis. Kome O.
Since I joined this commission my life has been going from glory to glory. I have had several testimonies of how God's servant will tell a woman who is pregnant without her knowing it that she is even pregnant, and will even go as far as telling the sex of the baby. Each time I see and hear these testimonies, I get confused until it happened to me after my first son and daughter respectively. I was looking forward to having another child but it was not forthcoming, I was feeling sad towards this development until one day God's servant told me that I am pregnant and said it's going to be a baby boy. I recieved it by faith and gradually my stomach began to grow. I went to the hospital and after some test, I was confirmed pregnant. Today am here with that prophecy fulfilled.

Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis. Elo E
I just can't thank God enough for turning my shame into glory. I got married about 10 years ago and after 9 months it was a still birth. Few months later I took in again and had a baby girl who is about 9 years but since after her birth it has been difficult to get pregnant and whenever I get pregnant I lost the baby at delivery. 3 babies died until I went to God like Hannah and made a vow to God to keep this pregnancy on the altar of Godin Royal House. I told God that if he gives me a son I will give it back to him. Am here to thank the covenant keeping God of Royal House who indeed gave me my Samuel.

Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Elder O.
I want to give glory to God today because for some years now I have been due for a promotion but every year people's name will come out for promotion my name will not be on the list, when I go to my boss they will tell me that I should pray hard. Last month during the Heaven's dew service, as I was about leaving back to the office, our daddy called me back and prophesied that he was hearing the sound of promotion, that I should expect a text message shortly from now. Few days later I got a text message in my phone asking me to come to Abuja and the rest is history. As today I have been promoted and redeployed to a better department within the WRPC of the NNPC company.

Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Bro. Obinna
I am here to testiy of how God delivered my co-inlaw from the hands of kidnappers. When I got the call from my sister-inlaw about the kidnap of her husband, I quickly called God's servant Apostle Soji Elijah and narrated the story to him and he prayed for me and prophetically told me my co-inlaw will be released. I told the wife not worry that her husband will be released, she didn't believe me because a popular prophetess in Portharcourt have prophesied that he will not be released, that the kidnappers will kill him.

Again God's servant told me that in 3 days time he will be released. To God be the glory on the 3rd day my co-inlaw was released. What a mighty God we serve.

Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis. Sandra
In the month of January 2016, I got to the place where I work at Chevron Escravos, only to be handed a sack letter. When I got the letter I called God's servant Apostle Soji Elijah and he told me that I should not worry. He prayed for me and prophetically told me they were going to call me back. It was quite difficult for me to believe because it never happened that someone sacked in our office would be called back. But the God of this commission showed up. Few days later I was called that I should report back to work immediately just as the prophet prophesied last Sunday. Indeed our God is awesome.

Praise the Lord.

Testimony of Sis. Doris
One day my husband left home for work and never returned back home, after several calls I made to his phone he didn't pick. Unknowingly to me he has moved in with another woman and later on he told me he was no longer interested in our marriage. That was the how I and my children were left alone for 7 years, till a friend of mine introduced me to this ministry.

The servant of God prayed for me and prophetically told me that my husband would return. I went home believing what the man of God said, at about 8.30pm that same day, my husband who left me and my children for the past 7 years knocked on the door and came back begging me to forgive him. That was how God restored back my marriage. Glory be to God almighty.

Praise master Jesus

Testimony of Sis. Rosemary
I am here to testify of how God delivered my daughter and grand daughter from the horrible hands of kidnappers. When the incident happened I went to many churches & visited many pastors and prophets in Warri, even those popular on television all of them did not say anything meaningful, because I wasn't hearing from the kidnappers. All the other pastors & prophets told me is that I should pray very well.

After 6 days of no word from the kidnappers, a friend of mine invited me to this ministry, when I saw God's servant without saying a word he prophetically told me what was going on and how the kidnapped happened, and he asked me to get the photograph of my daughter and grand daughter and place on the altar of the church.

Thereafter he prayed for me and under the unction of the Holy Spirit told me that they will be released in a few days time. Lo and behold 4 days time my daughter and grand daughter returned home. The God of this commission has wiped away my tears and worry. All adoration be to our God.

Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis. Uchchi
I had a cancerous growth on my right breast but I believed God for His healing hand. So I attended a prophetic service in the month of June 2016. God's servant, Apostle Soji Elijah made some prophetic declarations over various kinds of ailments and I keyed to those declarations. Lo and behold I went to bed that night only to wake up the following morning without a trace of that cancer growth. Glory be to God.

Praise the Lord!



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