MESSAGE TITLE: Oh Lord Help, The Budget Is In Deficit.

TEXT: Luke 14:28 - 30

There are testimony of people that finished whatever they began according to divine provision and specification, in Gen 6:16 the ark was finished by Noah, a 3 storey building. In Exo 39:32 and Exo 40:33 Moses finished the tabernacle and layed out the altar according to the specification and instructions given to him from Heaven by God.

Most importantly in Joshua 4:10, Joshua made everybody, priest, male, female, children, old, young, weak, strong, everyone finished crossing over the river jordan according to how God instructed Joshua.

In 1 Kg 6:22, 38, King Solomon the bible records finished building the temple and laid the altar in gold according to the design of the Heavenly architect, while his father king David in 1 Chr 28:20 prayed and prophesied before he passed on to glory that his son king Solomon will receive grace to finish well. We find out that the prayer and prophecy of king David over his son Solomon came to pass and was fulfilled in 2 Chro 5:1 and 7:11.

In Zech 4:9 the Lord prophesied to me and you reading this now that just as the hand of Zerubabel who laid the foundation must also finish so it is that in Jesus name you and I will finish well this year. You and I must not like the people of the world be limited to the economy of the world, our budget is not provided by the resources on this earth for in the book of Phillipians 4:19, our God who is our source through his resources shall supply according to our demands via His riches in glory by His resurrected son (Christ Jesus).

In Hebrews 12:2 we were told that our Lord and Saviour does not foot any abadon project because He is the author and the finisher. He is a finisher, and if He dwells in you He will quicken you with an anointing that will empower you to always finish.

Hey, you cannot have a budget indeficit, instead you should have a surplus budget.

Hear the cry of the prolific writer of the two-third of the new testament, the apostle of grace, he prayed and cried in Acts 20:24 and in 2 Tim 4:7, he craved and successfully attained the height of a finisher who finished with an awaited crown.

In our next edition we shall be looking deeply into what causes the budget to go into deficit and what we can do to migrate from a budget that is indeficit into a budget that is so, so so surplus.

Blessings are your's forevermore...

Your's Servant in His Vineyard
Soji Elijah.
Ceo/Jesus Citadel.