Building a society where all vulnerable children have access to quality spiritual development, education, health care and equal opportunities to realize their potentials.

Grooming a society where all children and women are given equal opportunities and sense of direction to realizing their full potentials. Our vision is enriched by diverse people & cultures, we imagine and envisage a society where women and children are equal partners with every other status in our society by ensuring wellbeing as citizens in the society.

By nurturing both male and the female children by building bridges between affluent and the less privilege. We aspire to embody and promote these values through our works. We uphold the value and principles we endorse and embody.

The values that we consider essentials for assistance and upliftment of the female child and female fold are Justice, inclusiveness, responsible citizenship, diversity, solidarity, equality, integrity, character, excellence, sacrifice are committed in all these activities. We seek to uphold the principles that underline who we are.

Faith Ambassador Foundation support the people & culture of the Niger Delta region that have been impoverished by climate, crime, marginalization both political, social, gender discrimination, environment deportation just to mention but a few.

This foundation focuses on supporting free, fair and genuine competitveness to gender equality. The female population in Nigeria as at 2018 was about 100 million compare to 50 years when they were just 27 million, this is to say, its growing at alarming rate of 2.9%. Of these, the Niger-Delta woman are about 13.5 million, more than 70% of this numbers are living below expectancy.

The children who are the future of tomorrow are about 35 million ranging from the age of 5 years downwards, these children are violable to different kind of abuses and wicked cultural practices; the protection for male and female child are part of our priorities.

We stand against the evil act of forcing a child into doing labour work at the expense of their education and future. We will put in our resources, effort, prayer and love towards the bright future of our children and woman in the society. Children are the future of our society and in order for the society to have a bright and great future, we need to lend a helping hand to the education of the upcoming generations.

In view are project, (macro credit scheme, engaging charity shops, health initiatives, basic scholarship schemes, supporting sport extracurricular activities to mention but a few).

The foundation believes in the community of friends & partners who can communicate both physically. financially & otherwise. Your unique contribution to helping us achieve our God given mandate will highly be celebrated. We pray & trust God that our projects will be funded by God through all you lovers of great things.

Committment can be made in cash or in kind as our first outreach is coming up by the end of the year. We have need of food stuffs, clothing, toiletries and many other resources that will help the less privilege children & woman.

You can also make your donation in cash or transfer as well as make your cheque payment to Faith Ambassador Ministry Internation. Thank you ahead of generous contributions.

+2348037712932, +2348063483184 >> P.O BOX 886, Effurun Warri, Delta state Nigeria.
We open our offices every Monday to Friday from 9am in the morning till 6pm in the evening. Here at the church premises on, #18 Udubah Crescent by NNDC Bus stop off Jakpa road Effurun/Warri.

The Operation Feed My People (FMP) is birthed from the Bible Book of Matthew 25:42 is going to be part of the funding programs by Faith Ambassadors Foundation (FAF). We will be opened to anyone experiencing homelessness, abuse and poverty.

We will also need volunter workers who will play significant roles in this foundation. We welcome help from all quarters. Volunteers will help in cleaning and serving food on our outreach days.

God bless you all.